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Is Networking A Waste Of Your Time?


I’ve recorded this video on networking due to an email that I received from someone about going to a networking event.  Now the idea of going to a networking event is a good idea.  The idea is that you get to meet lots of people and you get together and share business with each other and help each other to grow.  I get why that is appealing to people who are wanting to grow their business.

Here’s one issue for a start.

Do you really want to be getting up at 5am to attend a networking event full of the same people, week in, week out?  Getting up at that time and going there just to speak to 10 people?

What do you talk about when you are there?  Are you closing business or going through the same small talk that people do at networking events?

How long does it take you in total going to these events?  Not just the time that you spend there but the time it takes to travel there and travel back again.  Remember to calculate that in when you are working out what you are earning per hour from networking.  If you are earning anything from it of course!

If there was a way to speak to more than 10 people at once in a fraction of the time it’s worth considering as an alternative right?

Take a look at this video and you’ll see what I mean.

The Alternative To Networking

So people buy from people right?  Well there is a different way that people can get to know, like and trust you that doesn’t involve you having to get out of bed early in the morning and standing around making small talk to sell to people that are also wanting to sell to you.

People want to get to know who you are and what you are all about.  They don’t want you to be stood there selling to them all of the time.  They want to get to know about who you are and the person that you are.  If they have a particular issue that they want to have solved at that moment in time then that is the moment they want to have that conversation.  The rest of the time they’re just working out how best to sell you on what they have to offer.

Living in Spain I can’t be jumping on a plane every week just to go and speak to 10 people about what the weather is like or something that I’ve seen on Facebook.  I can do that here in a local cafe.  So I had to do something different that would give me the greatest scope possible in the least amount of time.

That’s why I chose video.

Video allows you to reach more people without having to spend much time or money.  It also gives you the freedom that once you have recorded it and uploaded it, you’re done and you can get on with doing whatever you want to do.

That’s the beauty of video.

If you want to learn how to do video the right way click on the Work With Me tab aboveand I will show you how I can help you.

How To Get Paid To Drop Your Own Leaflets


Today I am going to talk to you about how to get paid to drop your own leaflets.  Leaflet drops is one of the methods that I have used successfully over the years to find new properties but many people are put off of doing it.  The reason that so many people are put off of it is the cost involved.  So what I am going to show you now is how I drop leaflets and make money at the same time.

Getting a company to drop your leaflets for you can cost you around £70 per 1,000 leaflets of you have just yours dropped or it can cost you around £30 per 1,000 if you have them dropped with other companies.  The other method that people look at is dropping them all themselves.  Do you want to really do that though when the reason for doing this is to create freedom?

Instead I created a leaflet distribution company.  Here’s how I did that.

Creating The Leaflet Distribution Company

I used to have a lettings company alongside owning my own properties.  We used to advertise this through leaflet dropping with leaflets saying “We Buy Houses For Cash” and I would order 10,000 leaflets at a time.

What I would do then is I would go to the local hairdressers and taxi companies, etc and ask them who was dropping their leaflets for them.  Most of them would say something like “Well we don’t have any leaflets” which was perfect.  I would then make them an offer on the cost of designing their leaflets and also on the printing costs.  I would then charge them £40 per 1,000 leaflets of which let’s say they had ordered 5,000 which is a cost of £200.  I would then give that £200 to someone I paid to drop leaflets and they would have mine as well.

The leaflet dropper is paid £40 per 1,000 houses they drop at and I would have up to 5 including mine.  That means each 1,000 houses visited would pay us £120 plus our leaflets we getting dropped as well.

Making Sure That Your Leaflets Are Dropped

gps-trackers-for-leatlet-droppersThe main concern for the companies that are using your leaflet dropping service is that they are worried about their leaflets are actually dropped,  It makes sense as it is a concern for you as well.  I always explained to them that I run a lettings agency and that I need to make sure my leaflets are dropped alongside their leaflets.  So it is in our best interest that their leaflets are dropped.

For each leaflet distributor I would provide a rucksack for them to put their leaflets in and attached to each of these is a GPS device that shows me where they have been.  Another thing you can do is go out and meet them to see where they are,  I always made sure that I employed at least 2 people per route.  Never employ 1 as you have a higher chance of your leaflets not being dropped but having 2 together is rare.  You can also ask them what the other leaflet dropper is like to get an idea of what is happening.

When I met the leaflet droppers I would hand them an invoice for them to sign from them to us.  They were always paid as self-employed and I encouraged them to take out insurance and arrange their own tax payments.  On the back of the form there was a feedback form on the other leaflet dropper so I could build up a database of contractors and pick out the best.

Finding Leaflet Droppers

I always advertised on Gumtree for leaflet distributors.  I would specify that they were being paid £40 per 1,000 households visited so there were no discrepancies about the amount of leaflets,  I would also tell them that they were also going to be delivering 2 to 5 leaflets to each household.  When you are contracting people it is always better to be upfront and honest about what you want and what you expect,  This helps to create long-term working relationships between you and them.  Having to explain to people that delivering 3,000 leaflets will pay them £40 and not £120 is wasting your time and theirs.

People would click from the advert to a form to complete asking their details and which areas they would like to work in.  They will have to tick boxes saying that they agree to the terms and conditions including that they know they are working self-employed and are responsible for their own tax etc.

Finding Leaflet Distribution Customers

Calling up your local plumber and saying “We can’t drop your leaflets for you can we?” isn’t going to work.  Also if you tell them that you are a leaflet distribution company then they are going to instantly put their guard up because they know what you want straight away and will look to say no.  Instead try something like this.

“Hi my name is……… and I work for a local lettings agency.  We’re looking to build up more business in the local area.  As part of us doing that we are going to deliver 10,000 leaflets.  Now as part of that would you like us to deliver some of your leaflets as well and create some more custom for you too?”

That is a much better way of doing it.  There’s nothing wrong with making a script around this and trying different ideas out to see what works.  Getting just 1,000 going out for someone else means that 1,000 of your leaflets are going out.  Plus if they get a success from doing it you will have the opportunity to send out more alongside theirs in the future.

When you have the order from someone else you will have to have your leaflets ready to go as well.

take-leaflet-droppers-drinksI used to count up 5 piles of 1,000 leaflets.  This made it easier for counting and if you forgot where you were you had a much smaller amount to re-count.  When we had 1,000 we would put the pile side by side and measure with a spirit level.  Another way is to weight the leaflets out.

I had a website and clothing for leaflet dropping.  Having your leaflet droppers going out with a jacket and cap saying who they were working for shows people who they are and that they are there working.

On sunny days I would go out and take cold drinks for them which kept them happy.  I would sometimes buy them a granny trolley and they could push those around instead of carrying a backpack when it gets heavy.

One of my clients sends out 3 leaflets at a time alongside his own.  He has 3 to 4 people working each time so that business is making him £240 to £320 each day that his guys are out working.  That’s something to think about isn’t it?

If you’ve found this useful please share it so that someone else can benefit from it too.

Podcast 66 – Is Networking A Waste Of Time


This Podcast is extracted from one of my videos and wanted to share the message.

I’ve been to networking events, and I’ve worked the rooms incredibly well.

And whilst that’s fine – there’s an awful lot of stuff to get done in order to ensure that Networking Events will be worth your time, compared to say, other types of making contact with people.

Because deep down, that’s really what networking boils down to isn’t it.

The problem, or mistake that I see a lot of people make are that they go to a networking event and then just speak to the same last 3 people they saw last time.

Everyone is equal in the eyes of a networker, whereas I would much prefer to speak to someone who has more experience than I do; but invariably, I’m always the one who happens to have the most experience (with 17 years of property investing under my belt).

So in order for me to make the most out of my valuable time, I decided to do something different.

I had no choice. I live in Spain, so for me to attend a networking event it means I actually have to fly there!

NOT the best use of my time.

So find out what I do instead by downloading the podcast.

Any questions, comments, etc then please let me know !


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DJI Osmo 4K Handheld Video Camera Review


I just wanted to share with you my review for the DJI Osmo 4K video camera.  This is a new piece of kit that I have picked up to start shooting my videos with.  To see the quality that this records at, even in just HD mode, is unbelievable.  The way that the colours pop and how smooth it is you won’t even believe as you watch this video.

Take a look at this video and have a think about what having a piece of kit like this could do for your videos.

What Are Lease Options and How Can They Help You?


Lease options are a great way for many people to enter the property market.  By using a lease option you benefit from having control of the property without the need for a mortgage.  There are many reason for someone to use a lease option which include

  • Having poor credit
  • Living abroad so you don’t have a financial footprint in that country
  • Can’t get a mortgage
  • Only have a small amount of money to invest

With a lease option you promise to buy the property from the owner in 5 to 10 years for a pre-agreed amount and in the meantime you pay their mortgage and rent out the property.  You can also increase the rental value by carrying out refurbishment and you become responsible for minor repairs.  You can also, as a way of getting a better deal, offer to cover boiler repairs and then pay for boiler insurance to cover you.

I have clients that live abroad who use lease options.  One of my clients has 10 lease option deals running and is bringing in £2000 a month in profit.  How would earning £2000 a month in profit change your life for you?

How To Find Lease Option Properties

There are two ways of finding lease option properties.  The first one is to go through a property sourcer and the second is to do the work yourself.  I will explain both of these for you.

Lease Option Deals Through A Property Sourcer

Within my coaching group I have property sourcers that find deals for me.  I then pass these deals on to my property coaching clients so that they can profit from these.  To get a lease option deal with a good rate of return you will be looking to pay £2k to £3k and from this deal you will be looking at making a profit of around £200 a month.  That is profit and not turnover.  The property sourcer does all of the leg work in the form of dealing with estate agents, talking to landlords and dropping leaflets off and then they earn a fee to offer the deal to you.  I don’t make any money on connecting clients with a sourcer and I go through the due diligence with my clients to make sure that the deal is right for you.

Lease Option Deals Found Yourself

You can also find your own lease option deals.  The best ways of doing this is through leaflet dropping (listen to podcast 3 for how to do this profitably), going around the local estate agents and forming relationships with them and getting to know landlords in your area that are looking to reduce their portfolio.  Doing all of this on your own is a lot more work but if you have the time you will save yourself the fee that you would have otherwise paid a property sourcer for you lease option deal.

Speaking To Estate Agentstalk-to-estate-agents

You can find your own lease options deals by talking with your local estate agents.  You can ask them if there is anyone who is in negative equity or any properties that they are struggling to sell.  These are the types of homes that are perfect for lease option deals.  You pay for the estate agent fees at the completion of the transaction so they get something out of doing the deal as well.  You may need to explain to the estate agent what a lease option is but once they have an understanding of what you are looking for it makes it easier for them to come to you with deals.  They also get to sell a property that they can’t sell so it is good for them as well.

Dropping Leaflets

Send out leaflets saying something like “Are you in negative equity and struggling to sell your house?”  The main reasons for wanting to let go of the property is generally:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Debt
  • Departure

When dealing with someone directly for a lease option deal it is customary that you pay for your and their legal fees.  Sometimes when you present a deal like this to a solicitor that doesn’t understand lease option deals they will say that they aren’t legal.  They are, it’s just that the solicitor doesn’t understand how it works.

Managing The Lease Option Deals

lease-options-financial-freedomThe main thing that you want to do is to run this lease option deal hands off.  Get boiler insurance and home insurance sorted out straight away.  When you have enough properties to become financially free you don’t want to be going round all of  them and dealing with all of the tenants.  Start with that end in mind and put the correct systems in place.

The idea behind being in property is to become financially free so start to free yourself in the beginning.

If the price of the property goes down, as long as the rent is coming in it doesn’t matter.  If you are going to get into property you need to have someone behind you.  You need a coach that is going to help you to work through the deals with their knowledge and also help you to change your mindset to be successful.

There are plenty of deals out there that you can pick up today on your own.  The problem is that you don’t know the difference between a good deal and a bad deal.  That is where I come in.  I will tell you if a deal you have found is worth doing or not.  If you would like to book a strategy session and see how you can get started in property click here

What Is A “Time Thief” & What Should You Do About Them?


In this video I explain to you what a “time thief” is.  You might have come across people like this before or after watching the video you might realise that you’ve been one yourself.

Knowledge is power and when you realise what you are doing suddenly, you are then empowered to change your behaviours and actions in a way that helps you to move forwards.

Not everyone will come out and say this to you but I want you to be successful.  Becoming successful means being able to take the truth when you see it and then empower yourself by making the necessary changes.

After watching this you will have an example of what a “time thief” is and if you are one at the moment you will also know what you can do to empower yourself in a more powerful way.

You Have Already Chosen Your Results & You Can Change Them Again


I’ve just recently come back to Spain from the UK.  Each time I do this it’s a bit of a trek.  Buses, trains, planes and taxis.  It takes quite a bit to get there and get back.

This is my choice though.

I make that choice to go through all of that so I can live in Spain and have the lifestyle that I have out here.

You have your choices too.  The job that you have is a choice.  The travel to work is a choice.  You made those choices and you continue to make them.  You choose to get up in a morning, then you chose whether to have breakfast or not and how you are going to get to work etc.

sitting-in-trafficYou can make different choices if you want to.  That’s what I did.

I chose to stop sitting in queues of traffic each morning to go to a job that didn’t really fulfil me or make me truly happy.  I chose to put an end to that.

If you felt like you truly had a choice, what would you do tomorrow morning?  Would you get up and go to work because you love what you do or would you like to do something different?

If you love your job then that’s great.  You’ve found something that fulfils you so keep on doing it.  If you would rather make a different choice then you need to start making some different choices.

Instead of sitting watching tv, how about you start working on a business that is going to pay you enough over time so that you can leave that job that you don’t really like?  If you don’t have the skills yet, go and get those skills.  If you don’t have the confidence to do it on your own, go and get a coach to guide you and help you with your mindset.

It’s all about the choices you make from day to day and moment to moment.


Podcast 65 – What Are You Prepared To Give Up?

I was in Leeds this weekend just gone and I happened to be channel hopping where I saw a lady complaining about the fact that she could only holiday in Wales and not Portugal.


In the next sentence she talked about a number of TV programmes and it got me thinking … What Are You Prepared To Give Up to get what you want out of life ?


To get the life that you truly dream of you are going to have to give up some things like sitting in front of the telly instead of working on achieving your dream.


If you want to lose weight, which method is going to be more effective?  Watching Coronation Street, Eastenders and Great British Bake Off or going out for a run?


The more that you are willing to sacrifice the more you can achieve.

Hope you enjoy it,


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Podcast 64 – Success is about Hustle, But Only If You’re Working On The Right Things


In this podcast, we talk about Gary Vaynerchuck and Grant Cardone and how HUSTLE is the way to get results.

BUT we also issue a warning, that hustling on the wrong things will simply burn you out.

Instead I discuss what the 4 things that you should be hustling on in your business to get more clients.

A short 15 minute podcast – quick and to the point.

You can listen to this podcast and many more by using the links below.

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How To Generate Cashflow


One of the biggest issues I find that people face is being able to generate cashflow.  So many people are in jobs and not just spending up to their wage but beyond it as well in the form of credit debts.  Credit cards, catalogue payments, loans, store cards, etc.  If you want to have financial freedom then this has to stop!

If you really want to be financially free you have to decide which is more important to you.  Trying to look good to people you don’t even know whilst at the same time being up to the hilt in payments for a life that you can’t afford or being truly free.

Will your life really go downhill if you don’t drink an expensive coffee from a store every morning?  Will not going out clothes shopping every weekend really lead to you being rejected by your friends?  Absolutely not.  It’s time to get real about your life and get out of the rat race.

There are 3 simple steps to generating cashflow:

  1. Generate Cash
  2. Cut Costs
  3. Invest The Rest

All very straight forward right?  So let’s look at these in turn.

How To Generate Cash

Most people have a way of generating cash in the form of a job.  You tend to know from 1 month to the next how much cash that job is going to bring in and where a portion of that will be going.  But what if you had 2 or 3 or even 10 jobs bringing cash in?  How would that change things for you?

That is what got me into property.  I was in a job and earning £15k a year and unhappy with my job.  I wanted financial freedom but it was never going to happen on £15k a year.

So I started looking at property because then I could get paid on the 1st of the month from many different sources.  If at the end of the month money was a little tight it didn’t matter because I always knew that on the 1st everything would reset again and I would have money in my bank again.

If the amount of money that you need to live on each month is £2k for example, you will be looking at getting around £200 a month from 1 property so you need to build up to having 10 properties and then you have everything that you need coming in each month.  It’s simple maths really.

You can continue working in your job as you build up your properties one by one.  There’s no need to rush into quitting your job because you’ve bought or leased your first property.  You need to go through the journey of learning how to manage one, making mistakes then learning from those mistakes.  After that you are ready to take on property number 2 and do the same again.

Cutting Costs

This is the part of generating cashflow that people want to do the least but it is just as important as generating extra cash.

So let’s use the £2k a month idea and say that you have a wage of £2k coming in.  Each month you get your bills paid and you spend up to your wage on frothy coffee, nights out and retail therapy.  If you could cut your expenses down to let’s say £1500 a month while still getting to do some of the things you enjoy at a lesser amount each month you are going to have £500 each and every month to invest.  Within 6 months you are going to have £3000 in your bank that you can use to pay a property sourcer for a leasehold property bringing in £200 a month.  What does that do to your available cashflow?

You now have £700 a month coming in which means that in 5 months you can take on another leasehold and have some cash left over.  Then you have £900 a month coming in so in 3 months you can then pay a sourcer again (with the £500 left over from the last purchase) and have a bit left over again.  Now you have £1100 coming in each month.  Can you see how easily this all adds up?

You add a property on each time and before you know it you have replaced your wage.  All of this started because you cut your costs.

How I Cut Costs

cut-your-costsI use a spreadsheet and list all of my expenses.  When I say all I mean all.  Every time that you spend money it goes into the relevant section so you get a true picture of where your money is going compared to where you think it’s going.  Doing this for the first time will surprise you.

Add on your income and take away your expenses from what you have going in.  This will give you your disposable income.

Then you need to look at where your money is going and look at where you can make cuts.  What is essential and what are you doing because you like giving yourself treats or looking good to others?  The tougher you are on this the quicker you will increase your cashflow.  If you buy frothy coffee 5 days  week before work, you can step down by buying it 3 times a week and then down in stages to none.

I’m pretty ruthless with this which is why I enjoy a great amount of cashflow.  If you want to do this too, you’ll have to become equally ruthless.  Make your spreadsheet today and make yourself more aware of how you can increase your cashflow.

Invest The Rest

Now that you have extra cashflow available you can then start to invest that money in assets that pay you money.  We’re not talking about higher interest bank accounts or savings plans.  I’m talking about things that generate cash quickly.  You should be getting cash back straight away.  This is why I love property.

1696212Property gives you quick returns that you can then re-invest and make even more money.  This is why I believe that property is one of the best paths to financial freedom.

If you look at the section above in Cutting Costs, you’ll see how you can increase your cashflow and replace your wage.  Once you’ve replaced your wage through assets you’ve achieved financial freedom.

You don’t need a lot of money to start investing in property.  I remember reading an article in the Financial Times before I started out saying that you needed at least £100k in your bank account before you could start investing in property.  I didn’t have £100k when I started out and that article pushed me back a bit.  I then decided however that I would stop listening to these ‘so called experts’ and start listening to people who had actually done it successfully themselves.  That’s how I became a property millionaire and you can do it too.

If you know someone who could find this useful, do me a favour and click on one of the share buttons so that they can see it.  If you would like to start learning how to become financially free with someone who has done it themselves then click on the ‘Work With Me’ tab above.

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